The Mission / Gear Trailer

We are excited that this trailer has become reality.


We don’t have a picture of our new trailer available, but we puchased a basic white used single axle 6×12 enclosed trailer with a ramp rear door and a side entry door.

Think about being able to serve with an empty trailer ready to haul gear and equipment? How much easier will it be to plan a mission trip, when there is free access to an empty well maintained trailer? Maybe you are using our Explore Trailer and you need more room.

Estimated costs to purchase $ 4,056
Description Quantity Cost / Item Total Cost
Trailer Mods 1 200 200
Trailer Decals 1 200 200
Sway Bar 1 100 100
Trailer Locks 3 7 21
Hitch Lock 1 35 35
Deep Cycle Battery 1 100 100