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Fond du Croix Ministries

Fond du Croix Ministries, while still in its infancy, is slowly becoming reality. I am excited that lives are being affected today and look forward to seeing where God takes this ministry in the future.

Envisioned in 2008, named in 2010 and established in 2016, God has been working on me to develop a ministry that:

  • provide tools to enhance the ministry of christian organizations and churches in Fond du Lac county
  • promotes the enjoyment of God’s creation through outdoor activity
  • works to unite the christian church
  • touches the lives of all people

I believe that God has a plan for this ministry. I believe that this ministry is God inspired. While I don’t pretend to know what God has planned, I am confident that He has a plan and He has placed this desire on my heart.

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What’s in a name?

This ministry is centered in Fond du Lac County, which sits at the south end of the largest inland lake (Lake Winnebago) in the state of Wisconsin. The name “Fond du Lac” is French for foot of the lake.

This ministry is focused on continuing what Jesus started. He took His ministry to the croix (French for cross) and claimed victory over death. He commands us to serve others and that is what we will do.

Like dropping a pebble in the middle of the lake and watching the ripples extend to the ends of the lake, we hope to create a big enough splash locally that the ripples extend to the ends of the earth. In the process, we may be called to lob a few pebbles throughout the world too!

Please join us at the fond du croix, a place where
All are invited, All are loved and All are forgiven!