1:Building Relationships

  • First and foremost, to provide services to help families and individuals place our Triune God at the center of their being
  • To thank, honor, worship and praise our heavenly father
  • To provide christians with opportunities to grow in relationship with Jesus
  • To provide christians a means to serve others locally, nationally and internationally
  • To provide outreach and services to those without a church home
  • To get christians, the body of Christ on earth, and christian congregations connected, regardless of denominational affiliation

2: Building Opportunities

  • To provide outdoor facilities for families, groups and organizations, so that they may grow in relationship with each other and with God.
    • Provide a variety of free use camp, worship, and mission equipment to enable christian’s to serve others, worship the Lord & explore all that He has created.
    • Fire bowl for worship and fun – there is nothing quite like this type of worship or fellowship environment
    • Rustic camping facilities, where christians can gather at no cost
    • Hiking: from prayer walks to nature walks, enjoy God’s presence and his creation
    • Wide open spaces for fun and fellowship
    • Shaded areas for bible studies, fellowship and fun
    • How about a biblical putt-putt experience?
    • A pond, lake, stream, river, water fall or marsh would provide for enhanced opportunities
  • Year round efficiency sized heated cabin(s). Too often, couples decide to live together before marriage and claim that it is a financial
    decision. “It’s just more economical to do so.” Our goal is to remove that excuse. The cabin(s) will be provided for approximately 6
    months of rent free accommodations to christians preparing for marriage. Rules and regulations related to the rental will be developed by
    their pastor and or congregation and approved by the Fond du Croix Ministries board. The congregation and/or tenant will cover utility costs.
  • To formally organize as a non-profit christian organization


Plain and simple, having an outdoor facility is the ultimate means to building this ministry. However, we are taking a different approach to the vision. Our focus is not on how the outdoor facility will be built or where. We are not working to attain a camp facility, even though it is our most challenging goal. Our focus is on “Building Relationships “. If we do that really well, we believe that the outdoor facilities will be provided somehow. Quite frankly, if we succeed at “Building Opportunities” and fail at “Building Relationships”, we fail. If we succeed at “Building Relationships”, but fail at building a “Building Opportunities”, we still succeed. Or better yet, God’s kingdom touches lives.

How can you help?

This is an easy answer and you probably know it already. If you do nothing else, please pray that this ministry focuses on God’s plan, not ours. We need prayer more than anything. If you feel called to work with this ministry, then please let us know.

If you have some land that affiliated christian organizations could use on occasion for a campout or gathering, please contact us. We have a covenant library for the conduct of any christian organization that we serve. It is comprised of either 59 or 66 books, depending on the version. You may have seen this library before. We also will certainly honor any specific usage guidelines that you might make available to us.

Can you identify the name of our rules library and why it might vary in the number of books? Provide your answer here.