Outfitting Summary

Pre-configured trailers to meet the needs of the christian community in Fond du Lac County while they serve others, sorship the Lord & explore all that He has created.

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Available for camping or day events

We are excited that we now own this trailer and that it is ready for you to use.   This fully equipped trailer is stocked and ready for use.  We have it stocked and organized with some very high quality gear (outfitter tents, canopies, coolers, cast iron cookware, place settings and much more).  This is not your conjured up leftovers and half broken equipment.

Simply pack your groceries and ice into our coolers; pack sleeping bags, clothes, rain gear and personal hygiene bags into our trailer; hookup the trailer and you are ready to go camping. There is nothing like camping to enjoy God’s creation.

Not staying overnight! You can use some of the same equipment with our four canopies to provide for you day events too.  Our canopies provide great shade and shelter to enhance your church carnivals, worship opportunities, picnics and much more.

Going on a mission trip?  How much money can you save by camping instead of staying in hotels?

It is virtually FREE (a.k.a. no cost).  We only ask you to provide a free will offering to cover the cost to replace consumables that you use (i.e. charcoal, dish washing supplies, LP gas etc).

Is this too good to be true?  If you are part of a christian organizations in Fond du Lac County and you are using it for mission or ministry (in-reach or out-reach) work, it is ready and waiting for you.

We will provide you with any needed training.  We ask you promise to do your best to be good stewards and to avoid damaging the equipment. We promise to do our best to cover the costs of your accidents. It’s all God’s anyway. We all just have to do our best.

We also cover the insurance for the trailer and equipment. You are simply required to carry appropriate levels of automobile insurance to cover the trailer and its contents in case of an accident while the trailer is attached to your vehicle. That is usually covered by your auto insurance at no additional cost to you.

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Mission/Gear Trailer

Available for use.

We are excited that we now own this trailer and that it is nearly ready for use.

This plain empty trailer can be used for hauling suitcases and gear for mission trips as well as local service projects.

Maybe you are using our camping trailer, but need to haul lots of other gear too.

Maybe you want to move some tables from one location to another.

We have acquired a 6×12 single axle enclosed cargo trailer and we intend to offer it free of charge. Drivers are expected to have a clean record and be experienced with pulling large trailers.

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Worship/Event Trailer

This is still a vision of things to come

How about a portable sound system or a couple of large event tents?

Could you use some folding tables, water jugs, coolers, worship CDs, a Gas Generator, bibles, Frisbees, balls and lawn chairs?

How much would you pay?

Sorry, we won’t take it because it will be free.

Same rules — You be a good steward and we will too! You accidentally break it, we’ll fix it.

If you are a recognized christian organization, this trailer might be the perfect solution to a problem. Best of all it’s PRE-PAID (just in case – that means FREE).

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