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  • 7' x 12' cargo trailer

Available for day events

This is the same trailer that is used for campouts, but we are highlighting equipment that is great for non-camping events.

Equipment Highlights

  • 18 x 27 canopy with sides
  • Three 8 x 8 quick setup canopies with sides
  • Large coolers
  • Six 8-ft folding tables


Guidelines & Reservations

Ideas for improvement

We are still looking for two more people or groups to donate $335 each to finish funding this trailer. Alternately, you could donate a specific item or two.

Would you consider supporting this effort?

Ideas to improve the Explore Trailer
Description Qty. Est. Cost
Deep Cycle Battery 1 100
Inverter 1 40
Bibles 20 400
Tripods 3 75
Entertainment (Frisbees, balls, cards, cribbage etc.) 1 50