Using the Explore Trailer

Eligibility Guidelines

  • For use in christian ministry (retreats, mission work etc)
  • Your organizational leader (clergy preferred) must certify use
  • Priority will be given to organizations located in the city of Fond du Lac
  • Organizations located outside of Fond du Lac county are not eligible
  • Fond du Croix Ministries retains the right to refuse use to any organization for any reason


Submit your reservation request

Required Use Forms

Equipment Use Policy & Regulations

Waiver and Release of Liability

General Guidelines

  • We will provide training which can include things such as
    • Proper set-up, use and care of kitchen supplies, tents & canopies etc.
    • Preparing meals & snacks in a camp environment
    • Safety equipment and processes
    • Proper end of event clean-up and packing instruction
  • We are here to provide equipment and training for your ministry team.
  • You can use the equipment without a fear of being nickled and dimed to the point where you are afraid to use the equipment. You are asked to be a good steward of the equipment. The only way to prevent damage to equipment is to not use it and that isn’t being a good steward. Your team will be responsobile for significant damage caused by negligence (i.e. open flame in or near a tent, lighting fires with gasoline etc).
  • No rental fees are accepted for the trailer/equipment
  • A free will re-reimbursement for consumables is encouraged. There are a variety of consumables provided on the trailer. This re-imbursement typically should not exceed $10 per day.
  • Donations of under $500 to support this ministry within 30 days of utilizing the equipment will not be accepted. This is to reinforce the concept that there are no rental fees for use of the trailer and equipment.
  • Your team is solely responsible for:
    • knowing and following all rules, regulatations and laws associated with your outing.
    • properly insuring the trailer while attached to a vehicle (included with most auto insurance policies).

Suggested Packing List

  • General medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, suaves, etc.)
  • Food
  • Milk, coffee, tea, juice etc
  • Ice
  • Flashlights
  • Sleeping bags / mats
  • Pillows
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Sunglasses / hats
  • Raingear
  • Personal supplies (bathroom/medical)
  • Lawn chairs
  • Games/Activity supplies
  • Bug spray / Sunscreen (do not use in or near tents & canopies)

Equipment Inventory

1 7 x 12 twin axel trailer
2-5/16 coupler
Max GVW 7,000 lbs
1 US flag and an extra pole for your flag
1 Well equipped first aid kit – NO medications/sauves
1 set Trailer locks
1 Spare tire, jack & wrench
Tents & Canopies
1 13 x 27 outfitter tent
1 12 x 20 outfitter tent
1 18 x 27 large canopy with side kit

  • both gable-end garage door
  • four 20 ft sides
  • large stake kit & ropes
1 12 x 12 older Remington tent – ok in light rain
(good changing room / gear tent)
1 10 x 10 older tent – ok in light rain
(good changing room / gear tent)
3 10 x 10 quick set-up canopy w/ stakes
(two sets of sides)
Food Storage
3 48 quart cooler
3 100 quart cooler
3 Rubber storage bin (approx. 14 gallon)
2 2-gallon insulated beverage dispenser
Food Prep
6 8ft plastic folding table
1 Camp cookbook
1 Water heater
2 Double burner stove
2 Coffee pot
2 sets Pots & pans
2 10″ dutch oven
3 ea 12″ and 16″ dutch oven
1 Large cast iron griddle
3 Small cast iron griddle
5 Cast iron fry pan (small – large)
1 bin Spatulas, spoons, sharp knives etc.
5 Large plastic cutting board
6 / 1 Dish pan / rack
6 Wash basin
Place setting
16 Enamel coated place setting (mug, plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife)
48 Plastic bowl
48 Plastic plate
12 Insulated mug
1 bin Misc. flatware
Camp Fire Equipment
2 Charcoal chimney
2 Grilling grate
6 Large roasting fork (hot dogs)
4 Small extending roasting fork (marshmallows)
2 Pudgie pie maker
1 Roasting basket
1 Axe
2 Hatchet
2 Bow saw
1 32 gallon garbage can & bags
3 Lantern
3 LP tree
4 16.4oz LP tank
3 20 lb LP tank
1 LP torch
3 Hammers
Variety Stakes
1 Broom
1 Rake
3 Collapseable camp shovel
3 Frisbee
2 Cribbage board
1 Tug-of-war rope
1 Volleyball net and ball
Consumables (est. cost)
1 Aluminum foil (??)
1 Hand sanitizer ($3/bottle)
Multiple Dish washing supplies

  • soap / sanitizer tablets (.19 each)
  • new sponge ($1 ea)
  • scrubbie ($1 ea)
1 LP Gas ($20 per tank)
4 Charcoal ($9 per bag)
4 Lantern mantles ($6 / set)
50 Large heavy-duty garbage bags
20 pair Work gloves
Enough Matches and Butane lighters